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Newly purchased 750D - Front-panel Clip Issue


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Hey Guys,


Just wondering if this is a common issue or if anyone has any advice regarding how I can go about rectifying this one.


So, I purchased a brand new 750D Airflow Edition from work on the 23/2 - switching over from a Fractal ARC XL with faulty wiring. Thankfully, the new case has no issues with the front i/o wiring and i'm no longer getting random shorts from bumping the desk or touching the front USB ports (wary of buying fractal again - unfortunate since so many friends have no issues).


So, I get home and start to take apart my PC for the 5th time - from 3 temp cases to re-seating it in the Fractal to try and figure out what was causing the shorts - and after pulling the new case out of the packaging I discovered that one of the clips on the front panel which covers the fans (not sure if it's called the fascia or the fascia refers to the whole front face) isn't clicking in, in other words, it was broken.


Now, look, normally I'd go back to the warranty department at work and just get them to deal with the issue and have a chat to our suppliers and whatnot - but, I really cannot afford to be without a PC for an extended time again, and I really don't want to take the computer apart again only to put it back into the faulty Fractal.


I was just wondering if anyone on here has had a similar experience and perhaps knows of any tricks or quick fixes that I could use? I really like corsair products and don't want this one experience to sully the previously great ones that I've had.


Thanks everyone!

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