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Corsair VOID USB headset issue


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Having no luck with headsets lately. After going through a few other ones I finally got myself a Corsair VOID. I use it on my laptop and my desktop and keep having the following issues:


-Installing CUE on the desktop makes the headset not work. The lights on the side do not light up once the program is installed, changing the settings in CUE does nothing. Running applications don't show up in windows volume control, the headset does make a sound if you adjust the master volume.

-Without CUE, the headset works for most applications, except for games which actually do show up in the volume control, but adjusting their volume doesn't do anything.

-Headset works fine with CUE on the laptop.


Laptop is an old ASUS with a Intel Core i7, running Windows 7. The Desktop is newer, has an Intel Core i7-4790k, ASRock z97 mobo, runs windows 8.1.


Does anyone have any suggestions? Does it sound like the unit is defective?


EDIT: I just realized I posted this in keyboards and mice subforum, my apologies. Can this be moved?

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