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Red LED of T switch is dimmer than the rest


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Hey there folks,


I was playing around with different background lightings for my profiles where I noticed that the LED under the T switch looks a bit different than the rest of the lights.


It appears that the red-led part of the switch is dimmer than the other ones.


I made some photos when being set to white (where all 3 parts of the light should glow fully) and because the red part of the LED is dimmer it looks quite cyan compared to the other keys.


Here is also a photo when being set to pure red (255,0,0) and it noticeable dimmer (I also double checked that all keys are set to full brightness). Sadly you can't really see it that much on the photo than it really appears.


Could it be a CUE bug or is this a hardware failure? Should I do a RMA?





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