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World of Warcraft Spellflash?


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ive been roaming around the internet all night and i cant seem to find what i am looking for so i am here to see if any of you may have the solution


so there is this game (World of Warcraft)


and there is this add on (Spellflash)


when you cast a spell (depending on the spell) it goes into cooldown and you have to wait a defined period of time for it to come back on. Spellflash makes the icon of the spell on your hotbar glow or pulsate


the hotbar is bound the 1234567890-= keys


now my question is if there is a way to use the data from spellflash to replicate on an rgb keyboard (in my case the k95)


long story short:


a spell on your hotbar flashes and the key bound to that spot on the hotbar flashes aswell




is there anything that has accomplished or am i pissing in the wind?

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