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Corsair H60 RMA replacement has same popping noise.


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Hey there everyone, this may have been answered in another thread but I made an account for this issue.


I recently got a new PC and put the H60 water cooler in it, for it to only have the common popping noise about a few weeks in. It's definitely not the fan, as the noise isn't in a predictable pattern and has varying degrees of volume. I'm fairly positive its the pump making noise due to air bubbles.


Last week, I did an RMA and had the thing replaced with a new H60 after paying over $20 to send the defective product back. I got the new cooler just 2 days ago, installed it, and a day later it has the same issue if not louder than last time.


I refuse to continue paying shipping costs to get a defective line of products over and over again. I've read this is a common issue and was wondering if anyone else got two coolers in a row with this problem. If so, how did you eventually fix the problem and did corsair compensate accordingly for the shipping costs/multiple down times.


I'm nearly at the point of demanding a full refund and was hoping for advice on the matter.

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If there's a reason to RMA it a second time, we'd provide a pre-paid shipping label. Respond back to your ticket and tell them (in detail) exactly what the issue is.


Appreciate the response, man. Is there a way I can call the customer service and get an RMA again, or do I have to go back on the website?

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Hey there guys, just had a small question and figured I could get a solid response from the general forums.


I've gone through multiple H60 water coolers all with the same crinding/popping noise coming from the pump (not fan).


I'm currently on my 3rd one after many RMA's and calls to customer service, and would finally like a refund for my purchase so I don't have to deal with it anymore.


My question is, how easy is it to get a refund from corsair given my situation? I installed the RMA replacement last week and has had the same problem from the day I installed the part.



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Would you be able to provide us with a ticket number, we will have one of our representatives reach out to you.


I can provide a ticket number, yep. Should I post it here or do I call your customer service and give it there? I really appreciate the help, guys.

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