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Corsair AX860 Buzzing sound.


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I bought a Corsair AX 860 PSU around 2 years ago. I always had some buzzing here and there, but recently it really started getting on my nerves. It was getting loud when gaming and a lot more frequent. I also bought a new system recently (I kept my AX860) And again still the buzzing so I RMA'ed it (Express RMA) So now I currently have 2 AX 860.. With the new one buzzing the whole time I am really losing my mind I even consider throwing my PC through the window.


Does anyone please have a solution for this? I would really appreciate it.


Best regards

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  • Corsair Employee

Where are you from Archang3l? It's possible that the power going to your PSU is "dirty" (old wiring perhaps). A line conditioner may help.


If you suspect the PSU is the culprit, submit another ticket detailing the issue and request for a new unit to be tester prior to shipping it out to you.

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