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Force LX SSD issue.


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So for the longest time I've been running a Crucial M4 120GB SSD and its been working fine.


Today I picked up a new graphics card and power supply XFX R9 390 8GB card and a Corsair CX850M power supply. So I decided this would be the perfect time to do a clean install on the Force LX 256GB drive since I had been using it as a secondary drive mainly to house some games.


I swapped out the graphics card, and power supply. I then disconnected all my other drives (the M4 and a WD Black Mechanical drive) and just left the Corsair SSD connected to the Intel SATA3 connection.


I then did the clean install of Windows 10 on to the SSD. Afterwards I downloaded and installed the latest graphics card driver from AMD, and installed World of Warcraft. However I experienced serveral times just opening IE the entire computer would freeze I'd have to hit the reset button. I then launched WoW went to log in and boom, unit froze again, reboot unit froze again..etc.


So I decided to hook my M4 back up and boot to it, it works perfectly fine, I removed the old graphics drives for my 6950 card, downloaded and installed the new drivers, and logged into WoW (currently I'm tabbed out of the game and hear it in the background). The Crucial is on the same Intel SATA3 controller as the Corsair drive too.


I checked the Corsair Toolbox but there does not appear to be any firmware update for this drive. So just wondering what anyone would think would be the issue? Seems like its the drive since the Crucial M4 is working perfectly fine. I also want to say that the computer did not seem as fast as I would expect it to be on a SSD when I booted up with the Crucial drive. Also the system is stock as far as clock speeds go on the CPU and GFX card.


System Specs,


Windows 10 Pro

ASUS P8z68 Pro Gen 3 Motherboard

Intel i7 2700K 3.5Ghz (not overclocked)

XFX R9 390 8GB


Crucial M4 120GB SSD

Corsair Force LX 256GB SSD

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Have you tried a different SATA data cable and data port?

Did you have the latest chipset drivers installed?

Can you run a ATTO benchmark without it crashing?


Sounds like the SSD may be going bad. If you are in warranty (Three years), put in a ticket with Corsair for a replacement. Also make sure to upload a picture of your invoice as proof of purchase.



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Just to update on this, I got the SSD as a Gift so I had no proof of purchase. However they explained that if I had purchased any corsair products within the last 2 years to upload copies of the receipts and they would see what they could do.


It just so happened that I had bought a Corsair 850watt modular power supply so I had uploaded that and currently my system is the Corsair Carbide case, vengeance ram and I had the h100 cooler, so I provided some info on that and they approved the RMA request.


The only problem is the drive is discontinued which was a 256GB SSD and they want to replace it with a 240GB SSD. I mean I'm grateful they are willing to replace it but just found it odd they want to replace it with a smaller drive, so I'd be losing an additional 15GB or so of space. Since formatted capacity of a 256GB drive is roughly 238GB and the formatted capacity of a 240 is roughly 223GB. I replied to the ticket to confirm replacement in questioning the capacity so I guess I'll wait and see what happens.

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  • Corsair Employee
You're not really using space, that space is just utilized differently. The drive they want to replace your's with has factory overprovisioning to help keep the drive at top performance at all times. The drive is still technically a 256GB drive, but 16GB are taken by the factory overprovisioning.
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