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New K70 RGB can't firmware update HELP!


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Hey guys i just got the new K70 RGB that Corsair is selling but i can seem to update the firmware on the keyboard when i connect it to CUE. It tells me there is a update when i click to update it just gets stuck at 3%. I'm only plugging in the USB with the keyboard icon to the USB 3.0 on my system(Windows 10). The keyboard itself works i can type and everything but i cant use the functions on the program like the Macros the lighting effects etc etc.


I already set the whole Corsair folder to allow permission from user and installer, have it on administrator, tried running in compatibility. When the update fails the program tells me to connect a device and i have to unplug the keyboard for the program to detect it again. Also under statues it says Malfunctioning. The keyboard is lit red when i connect it with just one USB. I managed to get the keyboard to light up RGB when both USB was connected though. Anyone got any ideas on what i should do? Thank You.

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