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Question about the H100i and Fan Setup


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Greetings everyone,

Switching over to the Liquid CPU (H100i GTX) series and was wondering if it's a good idea too clean off my I7 Core 2600 which just had thermal paste reapplied a month ago when I changed out motherboards or if I can just leave the current thermal paste on the processor without any overheating issues.


One other question I had was about the bottom fan setup in a case as I will be running an MSI R9 390X graphics unit. IS it a smart idea to face the fan upwards, blowing on the actual graphics card itself or downwards to release the air out of the case?


Again to better describe the set up, there will be 1x 120mm rear exhaust fan, the 2x 120mm fan liquid CPU cooler and 2x 120mm front panel fans.


Thank you for any advice that can be given as I am still relatively new on PC building, not too mention the worryness of an overheating graphics card.


In most general cases I know most people want to know what I will be doing with the PC but honestly other than playing ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) there's not much I do with the PC other than that.


I know it might seem overkill but want to keep my PC protected. :sunglasse

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The moment you power on and apply heat to that TIM it's done. Don't re-use after that point.


I would favor using the bottom fan as intake. This will give you a better balance between intake and exhaust. Also, most of the heat on the GPU will be toward the rear of the card, regardless of whether it is standard or ACX. Exhausting from there won't help to much and might disrupt the airflow to the card fans.

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