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Is it possible to fix a K70 keyboard with mushy stabilizers?


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Hi, I just purchased the Corsair K70 (CH-9000076) with the (Cherry MX Blue keys). First, I really like the keyboard in general. I like the look of it. I like all the features of it. I most of the feel of it. However, there's a couple keys that are just not right: Right Shift, Enter, and Backspace. All three are mushy and stiff. Each time I use any of those keys it feels like I've abruptly had my mechanical keyboard replaced with a rubber dome keyboard. It's making me crazy.


I did some reading about the issue sounds like it could be related to the stabilizers. However, the only fix I see, requires taking the stabilizers out of the keyboard and clipping plastic pieces off them. I'm not sure I'm willing to void the warranty of the keyboard in such a way.


I'd like to repair or replace the keyboard and keep it. I like it; I really do. However, this inconsistent key feel is just unacceptable for a keyboard at this price point. I'm really close to returning it.


I'd like to know if there's another option. Is it possible, it's just a fluke the keyboard came with THREE bad stabilizers? Or, is this a common attribute of the model I purchased? Is it something that can be fixed by Corsair or by myself? Or, is this just the nature of the model?



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I would contact your retailer and see whether or not they will replace the keyboard for you. If they do, i would then open it and test the keys before returning home.


If not, Request an RMA to replace the keyboard via Corsair. Make sure you upload a picture of your invoice as proof of purchase.



You may be eligible for a prepaid shipping label as the item is less than 30 days old though i'm not sure if Corsair has changed this or not.

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Toasted, I'm within the thirty days. I'm just loath to commit to an RMA process if I can't get some sort of confirmation that I'm experiencing a known possible defect that can be repaired. Are there any Corsair repair people on the forums?


Thanks for the info. I'll give it some consideration.

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