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Wish List for Upcoming Corsair Keyboards


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Corsair has been teasing a keyboard announcement for awhile now. I would really LOVE to see the following features in the next Corsair K-series mechanical keyboard and hope they include these ideas in their next announcement:



1. A standard bottom row. This is the most important upgrade that can be made to Corsair keyboards, and the single biggest complaint I see on keyboard enthusiast forums. A non-standard bottom row does NOTHING other than limit you from customizing your keyboard with premium keycaps.


2. Bring back the K-series RGB with Cherry MX Blues. The Strafe RGB comes in a Cherry MX Blue variety, so hopefully Cherry MX Blues are coming back soon to the K-series keyboards.


3. Improved keycaps. At least provide double-shot ABS keycaps, but preferably backlit PBT+POM keycaps like these.


4. Full NKRO over a single USB, or through a PS2 adapter if needed. It's just inconvenient having to use up two USB slots for your keyboard.


5. Improved software that anyone can use.


6. Detachable / Reattachable numpad and macropad. Some people prefer a tenkeyless keyboard. Some people want a full keyboard, and some want a keyboard with macros. If you can make the numpad and macropad detachable/reattachable, you could get the benefits a K65/K70/ or K95 depending on the situation or upgrade your K65 to a full K95 later on.


If you have any other ideas, feel free to add to the thread. :laughing:

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I really like your suggestions! I've got a friend who's looking for a new keyboard, and he really wants to get a K70 RGB, but the lack of blue switches has been keeping him from picking one up.


The standard bottom row would be something I'd be fine with; no particular reason to NOT have it, really.


Improved keycaps: I personally didn't find the default K70 RGB keycaps to be that bad, but then again, I haven't used any higher-quality keycaps before.


Full NKRO over 1 USB: While nice, I would almost prefer to stick with 2 USB slots, but bringing back the USB passthrough from the original K70.


Improved software: I think we're supposed to be getting that with CUE 2.0, so we may just get our wishes there :)


Detachable/reattachable numpad and macro pad: While I think its a really cool idea (and I'd love to see this implemented), I feel like it has the lowest chance of actually happening. That said, it would give Corsair a completely unique thing about their keyboards, and would be pretty awesome to see.

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I'd also love a standardized bottom row. That might be enough to get me to replace my K95 rgb, though I've only had it a year.


The removable macro and number pads idea would also be fantastic (but probably wishful thinking). I haven't had cause to use my macropad for the last couple months, so it's just taking up desk real estate until the next time I need it.

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1- Absolutely most important - You NEED, really NEED to put some rubber on the extendable feets. I would really like to use them but when I do my k70 slides all over the desk making it unusable. Its the only thing I don't like about K70.


Right here:



I still can't believe how you left out this imperfection in otherwise entirely perfect keyboard.


Some other suggestions:

2 - I hoped that volume knob will not be so smooth - it would be better if it felt like mouse scroll, with noticeable "steps".

3 - Wireless option would be nice of course. Detachable cable would be brilliant. Maybe a set of 2 dongles (like in wireless mice), and an battery that we could buy separately. Something like wireless kit in Wacom pen tablets.

4 - Maybe little bit larger, detachable palm rest.

5 - Include O-Rings with your keyboards, especially in those with red and brown switches (marketed as silent)

- these things are crazy expensive for what they are.

6 - Side-printed (ninja) keycaps that would work well with backlight.

7 - Get back to old logo, aluminium, volume knobs and USB passthrough.

8 - No backlight versions. I don't look at my keyboard when I play or type, I don't really need lights and if I could buy a cheaper version of k70 with no leds I would buy it. I'm consument that likes to pay more for better performance but doesn't like to pay more for aesthetics. I think I'm not the only one. All keyboard makers seem to suggest that we need light to find keys at night, it's a little offensive.

9 - Don't go all-in into "gaming" visual design or you'll look like Razer or (oh, please not) Mad Catz (too fancy for it's own sake), make it edgy not silly. No cool "gaming" fonts on keys (Strafe font is pretty much OK but don't go any further) and no unnecessary eye-candy.

10 - Well, as we came to Razer - I like keypads, I like the idea, I love my Razer Orbweaver - I would also like to see your take on this concept. An niche market you could easily dominate.

11 - Performance first, then quality and then aesthetics. In this order.


I think that's it. Hard to find anything to improve in products so well-made as yours (but those feets though... I'll never forgive you that).

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