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H110i GT issues


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My system has been working normally since about last July when I RMA'd my original H110i GT because the pump stopped working. It wasn't pumping anything (0 RPM) and the CPU would reach 100c in bios and shut off.


Now I seem to be having different issues with the new one. I noticed a few days ago that the radiator fans were louder than usual, so I set up a new fan curve to keep it quieter. I noticed idle temps of about 40c on my overclocked 5930k as well, which was higher than normal, so I reduced the overclock and set the pump to 'performance' mode in Corsair Link which made it run at 3100 rpm instead of the usual 2300, and temps got back down to my usual idle temp of mid 30's, and load temps were even better maxing out at around 60c instead of 75. Probably both due to lowering overclock and changing pump to performance mode.


Today when I went to the computer I noticed the fans again were very loud at idle, they were at the max I set on the fan curve. I restarted and kept an eye on temps, 41c CPU temp in the bios, seemed stable at about that when Windows loaded, and then it started slowly climbing up to about 53c for the CPU and 49c for pump temp (still idle) before I shut it off.


Any ideas of what might be wrong? I tried shaking it a little bit in case it was clogged, I blew a lot of dust out of the radiator fans as well. The pump seems to be working fine, at least it's getting reported as running full speed.

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Unfortunately, it sounds like things are taking a turn for the worse. 49C water temp (H110iGT Cooler Temp) would be quite warm at full load. At idle, it suggests either the pump is failing or their is some sort of blockage restricting the flow. The continual slowly rising CPU and water temps are also indicative of that problem. It's possible the higher pump speed was able to temporarily push through the blockage. However, the lower voltage is likely the real answer.


You can try the usual stuff -- turn the case on it's side or take out the radiator and shake it, hoping it's an air bubble. However, air bubbles typically bring grindy pump noise as well and if there is some sort of blockage, this only temporarily unsettles the problem. It is highly likely to return. It appears you are heading to another RMA.

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