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650D Questions that need answers

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Hello! New to the forums, and am about to build my first desktop PC in about 13 years. (Been using laptops for awhile.)


ANYWAY, I'm REALLY liking the look and features of the 650D, and am very much considering it for my build. But I have a number of questions that google and forum searching haven't been able to answer. I hope you guys can help.


1. Can the power buttons / front IO panel be moved to lower 5.25" bays? This PC will be sitting on top of my desk, and having the USB and audio ports so high (or on top) is unpractical, especially since headphone cords can get in the way of my optical drives, etc.


2. Does the front IO panel still use the USB3 type A ports? Or has it been upgraded to internal headers. (And if not, does Corsair sell an internal header adapter?)


3. Does the top mounted SSD dock use SATA 3gb/s or 6gb/s? And if it's the slower version, is there a way to upgrade it?


4. Last question! Is a dust filter available for the top fan mounts? It'd probably be good to have in my house.


EDIT: 5. I'm thinking about getting a refurbished version of this case from Corsair's website, as it's half off. Generally, how's the quality and condition of their refurbished gear?


Thank you in advance for your help!

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1. Not possible as the front I/O panel is screwed into the case. If you do modify the case, then its probably possible.


2. Yes, it will still be the Type A connectors. A adapter can be purchased separately to install it via the internal 3.0 port.


3. If i recall correctly there will be a SATA power connector and a SATA data cable connected to the dock. i think it will work at what ever speeds you plug the SATA data cable in, but i'm not 100% sure if that is the case. I think there was a thread here which showed someone 'transferring' the USB 3.0 ports from a different case I/O panel to the 650D I/O panel.


4. I don't think it comes with one. But you can purchase a third party dust filter for it.


5. Not too sure about the refurb quality but do note the 650D is discontinued. So after 30 days, if something does not work properly, it may be very difficult to obtain a spare part for it.

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