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good day all,

I recently am having this issue where my pc freezes while in heavy titles , so in order to evade the gpu heat as the cause i locked it to 60 degrees and it still crashes.



intel 5820k

h60 cooler

asus x99m ws

crucial ballistic dd4 16gb @ 2400mhz

evga gtx980ti FTW

corsair air 240

corsair rm750i


I was wondering If it is the psu that might be faulty as there are many forums where people have stated as it might be the cause,


since rm750i is a multi rail psu and can be toggled into single rail . Do you guys think that multi rail is causing the problem and should I switch to single rail and if it is safe.



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Typically the RM750i only uses one 12v rail, but when its running in multi rail, every output/connector has its own fuse (OCP) to prevent your parts from pulling too much power in the event of a fault or short circuit, essentially, making it easier for the psu to detect and safely shut your pc off if something goes wrong.


In essense, unless your gpu will draw more that the OCP limit(i believe it it 40 amps, which is 480 Watts), there shouldn't be an issue.

I might be wrong on the OCP, and it might be lower that 40 amps, so don't take my word for it.


To answer your question, it should be safe to try single rail mode and there are no issues with it other than that there will a larger OCP limit, thus meaning it will take longer to react and shut of if there is some faulty ciruitry or some shorted cables.


I suggest that if you are running your psu in Eco/silent mode, try to set the psu fan to a fixed fan speed via Corsair Link, just to see if there are any psu temperature related issues. If this fixes it, that might be your issue.


You should also know that freezes like that can also be caused by, Cpu/socket issues, Bad RAM, Bad case airflow(meaning overheating MOBO, RAM, CPU, or GPU), powerline interferences and some other issues.




I have had a somewhat similar problem, only that for me, the freezes were less predictable. The freezes could happen anywhere between completely idle and under max load.


I also became suspicious of my RM750i (CWT made), and AIDA 64 recorded the 5v rail to spike up to 12v (mostly at IDLE), allthough you shouldn't allways trust software measurements, after changing psu to EVGA Supernova 850 P2, there were no spikes whatsoever recorded by AIDA64. Note that this might just be a false recording by AIDA64, so i am not sure, but it seemed like something worth worrying about.


I have only been running with my Supernova 850 P2 for a couple of days, so i have yet to confirm if this has fixed my issue, so far so good. I will post an update here in a couple of weeks to let you know if this fixed my issue.


EDIT: For me the problem was a program called F.LUX that caused my pc to hard-freeze, and not the psu. I do not know the exact reason this happenes, but I believe that the program conflicts with some registry settings in windows and that conflict causes the pc to freeze/lock up.

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