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I just set up a custom fan curve for my h110i GT because for some reason both fans were constantly running at 1800RPM. I set up a curve so when it's idle it's now running at about 1200RPM, I can't hear it anymore and the temps haven't gone up.


For H110i GT Fan 1 and H110i GT Fan 2, they are grouped under the default group which was what was used with the default modes, which is H110i GT temp.


Is that the pump temp sensor? I want to change the fans RPM based off of CPU temperature because I know what it is at idle and load, is it safe to change both of the radiator fans to the "Intel 5930k Temp" group? Is there a reason why it doesn't go off of the CPU Temperature by default? Because if I want to do RPM speed based on CPU temp, it's never right because the H110i GT temp is always less than the CPU Temp, especially under load.

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The H110i GT Temp is the coolant temperature.


Yes it will be safe to change it to the CPU temperature group.


You have answered your own question. It will be best to set the fans based off the coolant temperature. Setting the fans to run based off CPU temperature will likely increase the noise for possibly, not much of a improvement.

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