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Question catalogue: H100iGTX Water Cooler


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Hi folks,


Question No.1:

What could I possibly have done wrong with the install of the stock coolers, making them volume at 1300rpm like a herd of cats fighting over fish? (I followed the installation instructions to the point)


Question No.2:

Why does Corsair Link (If not for the fact stated in Q.No.3) use the temp-values of the cooler(where u put the fans on) for managing the fans speed? That make no sense to me. My cooler is at 27°C and the fans go like 800rpm while my CPU pumps with 47°C when under load. I would have assumed that the fans should go faster when the load becomes higher.


Question No.3:

Are the CPU temp values displayed actually the CPUs temps or the temps of the pump? Why do they swing back and forth so hard? (41-48°C when under load)


Question No.4:

All hints and idea on how to improve my installation are highly appriciated.

Currently its configured like this:







Kind regards


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Question 1: Are we talking about mechanical noise? First thought would be make sure you didn't over-tighten the fans, but there are numerous possibilities and that may need to addressed after.


Question 2: The water in the system transports the heat from the metal plate (and your CPU) to the radiator where it is released. This happens as long as the water is flowing, regardless of your fan speed. The fans' job is to help remove the heat from the water at a faster rate by moving air across the radiator fins. If you have a big enough water reservoir or a radiator with enough surface area, you don't actually need fans at all, but that kind of set-up won't fit in a case. The fans run in accordance with water temperature because that is their job - remove heat from the water. You can have a high CPU load, but if the water is exchanging heat in a highly efficient manner, you don't need more fan speed and it won't make your CPU cooler in any meaningful way.


Question 3: The water temperature should be displayed as H100iGTX Cooler Temp or H100iGTX Temperature. It will be slow to rise and fall. It will never match your CPU temps, except for a few moments on cold boot or at a long cool idle. The CPU temp is probably some sort of average of the core temps. I'll leave it to someone currently using the program to elaborate further, but if you want highly accurate information you need to use a program that measures each core individually. Also, keep in mind LINK only polls every few seconds. This is going to be too slow to capture dynamic changes in CPU load.


Question 4: Is your GTX in the roof? I am guessing the arrow means you are bringing outside air into the case. I would generally prefer to exhaust from the roof in a standard tower, but that also depends on how the front fans and drive bays are configured. Ideally, you would like to have relatively equal intake and exhaust. I know there is a 200mm in front, but I am unsure about the bottom and if those fans are drive blocked.

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