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Hey guys I'v had this USB for a while now ever since it first came out and I've been using it with my Galaxy Note 3 but ever since I have upgraded to the Note 4 and 5, the micro USB part is just so hard to fit in, My friend also has trouble fitting it into his Galaxy S6 and other newer galaxy products. I hope you guys can redesign the USB so it is a bit easier to fit in?? I have to carry a micro USB adapter to just use the standard USB part and I really would like to use the micro again.


It's not that it doesn't fit, it is just really hard to fit it in and have to use a bit of force to even get it to recognize the USB and it sort of scares me that I might damage the port later on. It is not a matter of wearing it in cause I have tried it about 100s of times already and that is the point where I got the adapter.


Please if a staff member can help me with a fix for this?

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Can't really redesign the microUSB port as there is nothing to change.


I would suggest you contact Samsung or go to a Samsung Experience Store (If available) and see whether its just your device with the issue.


If you want to experiment, The notches on the drive may be causing you to force it in. Try making it 'softer' and it may help with the port. Do note, the warranty will be void if you do damage the port/drive.

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