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Is corsair customer support/tech support closed? H80i


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I have been trying to contact corsair for the last 2 hours & it gives straight to their message box/voice mail.


Number: 1-888-222-4346 (Toll Free within the USA)

Today is Monday & it's 11:30am PT. Support opens at 7am PT. :mad:


Even their live chat which opens at 9am PT is closed & offline. :mad:


I even created a ticket: 6741712


I bought a Corsair H80I & it was leaking & when i opened the box it smelled SO BAD & the liquid was everywhere & it made marks on the plate of the pump aswell, take a look here:




I am not using this on my brand new PC build, no way. I want a replacement but corsair isn't picking up the phone ....

I really hope they still have this older h80i because I don't want the new GT or V2 due to specific dimensions of this product.

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Yes, we're closed today because of the national holiday here.


If you just purchased it from a store and it's leaking in the box, return it to the store.


I bought it a while back & kept it for a future pc build which never happened till now. Opened the box & it stinks SO MUCH + as you can see in the images of the ticket. It's terrible.

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