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Carbide Air 240 plastic filter in mesh blocks airflow drasticly ?


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i have a Corsair Carbide Air with H100i cpu cooler with 2 rad fans pulling air trough the rad inside the case. 2 80mm fans pushing hot air out trough the back panel and a 120mm fan pushing hot air out trough the top panel.


I had to remove the window panel and noticed airflow from the top panel fan going inside the case instead of outside.


When i remove the top panel the problem is solved and it seems that the plastic filter with the tiny holes in the top panels mesh blocks the fans airflow. Allmost no air coming trough the panels.


Is this normal?


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I assume you are describing the area above the memory fans, between the H100i and the red LED 120mm. Based on your configuration, is not a surprise air is coming in through that opening. You have a good bit more exhaust than intake. The SP120's on the H100i don't particularly move a lot of air when on the radiator and certainly not at lower speeds. Most likely you are running them based on the water temperature rather than a desired intake volume of air. I don't really see this as a problem. The air coming though the venting will be cooler than the H100i exhaust and should aid in keeping the internal temperatures slightly lower.


The mesh does offer some level of resistance to airflow, just like anything else other than open space, but it won't change the direction of flow and should be easily overcome at even low fan speeds. The moment you take the door off, the dynamics change. The rear exhaust fans can now pull from the open door area and flow through that opening likely stops or drops to a very low level. With the door back on, air should stream through there again. Are you having difficulty with case temperatures or was this just unexpected behavior?

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Ok thanks. I had to remove the window panel because i have a problem getting the h100i tubes not pushing too hard against the window panel due to the 120mm top fan.


It looks to me as if the tubes are not connected to the cooling block as they are in the illustrations on the H100i packaging. Resulting i nthem to be twisted in my case ? Or should i mount the cpu block in another position?



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