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Temprature on H100i skyrocket.


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I have an system with an H100i who I'm very happy with.

Yesterday I had poor performance so I installed windows updates and rebooted. Motherboard warned about CPU temperature.


During startup fans became very noisy so I checked Corsair link and found that CPU was 80-90 degree. Restart after long rest has cpu temperatures rising as seen on image, end up at 80-90 degree after around 10 minutes.


Checked that cooling block is well connected to cpu and water temperature is also very high, higher than cpu temperature but that has to be an error.

My fear is that the pump is broken. The H100i is a bit short of 2 years old.


Does this sound plausible or is it anything else I should check out?

I updated the corsair link, had the old version but the new behaves the same way.



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The timing is certainly suspect, but I don't see any of the usual issues with LINK (missing fans, red dials, etc.) It looks very much like a flow problem with the typical continual rising temperature. It could be a blown pump or blockage, but either way you need to replace or RMA the unit. I imagine you have already checked the pump for vibration. You can also check to see if the hoses are warm near the pump, but the radiator is cool with cool exhaust air. That would be another sign the water is not able to transfer the heat to where it needs to go.
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Thanks, it was as I expected, I had an weird sound in the pump after changing the PSU and working with the case open some days but it went away then I put on the lid and put it away. It probably was the pump about to fail and it failed a week later.

Will return it, still have an month left on suppliers warranty :)

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