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Keyboard Self destructing


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Hi Corsair Community,


I am big Gamer. Right after completion of military service in Jan16, I ordered K95 Gaming Keyboard. It arrived soon after. However, wrist rest arrived heavily damaged and unusable. I asked for replacement wrist rest and Corsair Support sent me one relatively fast considering I am currently residing in Europe. Thank you for that, Customer Support worked like a charm.


I have a profile where all my keys except for my media keys and G keys are set to be white. However, after less than one full month of use, my J key turned green when white, and is showing noticeable green tint when displaying any other color. I shrugged this one off. But now, after less than two full months of use, similar thing happened to C key - it is doing the same with blue tint. It turns blue when white, and is showing noticeable blue tint when displaying any other color.


Now I have all foreground- and background colors sorted out. It is definitely issue with the LED. I do not know if I should bother Corsair Support again - my country is not even selectable in the support form. What am I doing wrong? Why are all my LEDs self destructing? Just because I'm sometimes setting them to be white? What are my options? Comrade of mine got flagship Logitech Keyboard for ~8 months now and not a single issue like this. I am very dissatisfied.



Corsair Customer6

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I'd suggest:

1. Logging into the ticket system.

2. Select Edit Profile and update your country to the correct one. I've confirmed your country's on the list (proof from your first ticket - your keyboard order number starts and ends in 1).

3. Create a ticket about your issue and our support techs will be able to assist you further.

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