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Corsair GS700 "sound problem" is now a constant noise.


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A few years back, I purchased a GS700 from Best Buy. About 3 weeks after installing it, I was hearing this strange "wob wob wob wob" sound when the fan slowed down


Please reference this post in this thread:



(Post #5)


I was advised to RMA the GS700. When I attempted to do that, I was directed to return it to Best Buy instead. When I attempted to do that, it had already been far too long for me to return it. When attempting to RMA it again, I was given the same information. I'm sorry for the lack of proof, but I don't seem to have the correspondence with Corsair anymore after a catastrophic hard drive crash (Outlook PST files, yay).


I eventually got used to occasionally hearing the "wob wob wob" sound, but now it goes off CONSTANTLY when my machine is under a heavy load.


Please see this video recorded a few minutes ago:




I can even hear this while wearing headphones when playing games, and it's really getting on my nerves.


I know I'm probably past the point of no return, but is there any way to disable the automatic cooling? I'd much rather have the fan on all the time (it's really not that noisy) instead of it turning on and off 15 times per minute.


Thank you!

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