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I created a ticket through Corsair support regarding this, but thought id ask here to...


I need to find an archive of Corsair Firmware/Driver versions for the Wireless VOID headset. The issue is that the headset works absolutely fine, except with Bria, which is a VoIP soft phone. In Bria, i can test audio devices and playback is fine and mic is picking up, but in calls, the other person can hear me, but I cannot hear them. This issue has happened before and a simple driver rollback solved the issue. However, because i freshly installed Windows 10, i do not have this option and now i cannot use Bria.


I have to find a way to resolve this because Bria is used for work. If anyone knows where i can find at least the previous 5 firmware/driver versions, that would be incredibly appreciated. Il wait to hear what Corsair support says, but if someone knows of a fix now, thats even better.


Current Firmware Version (Dongle and Headset): 38.01

Windows Device Manager Driver Version: 10.0.10586.0


1000 and 1 thanks in advance. :)

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