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Causes for a PSU to fail.


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My system is a home build which every now and then gets an upgrade. The only two components remaining from the original build were the PSU and the case.


4 months ago the system would no longer start up. It did not react to the power button at all. After performing some diagnostics I found that replacing the PSU resolved the problem. Now this was not necessarily a surprise as the PSU was about 10 years old.


I replaced the PSU with a Corsair CX500M and for the past 4 months have been running smoothly.


However yesterday again I found that my system would no longer start up. No reaction what so ever to the power button. And again replacing the PSU resolved the problem.


I have requested an RMA from my supplier but I am curious what could make a PSU suddenly stop working. At the time the computer was completely powered down and I can find no evidence of a power surge or anything like that.


So did I just have bad luck with my new PSU or is there something here that could be killing my power supplies? Any and all suggestions are welcome!

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