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Status of replicating a profile based on the Demo mode?


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The K70 RGB Demo mode that people frequently reference looks a bit different than the default Rainbow profiles available and I would be interested to see if anyone has been able to figure out a way to replicate it. When searching, I found this thread where James mentioned:


Hi all, there is a demo mode built into the keyboard that will activate about 30 seconds in. To get this demo mode to work, it requires USB power but no enumeration. This means for example if your PC supplies USB power (ala charging phones mode) but is off, demo mode will start.


The profile isn't possible to duplicate in software yet. We may be able to duplicate it once Lua is available.


This was as of 09/18/2014. I searched a bit more but haven't found anything recent (within the past 6 months or so) about any updates related to making this a possibility, but I might not have been searching for the right thing. Does anyone have any additional info?

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