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Two months for a Keyboard RMA. Unacceptable.


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I have updated my ticket with my thoughts but am honestly so frustrated and dumbstruck that I also felt the need to post here.


I Initiated my RMA on Jan 31st, and shipped my Keyboard out to Corsair on February 5th. This was for one dead LED, I figured, at the time, that I wanted to nip any problems in the bud before they became larger and if one LED failed more would likely follow.


Today I received an e-mail today saying that my RMA had been received at the depot, and I was pretty excited, thinking that my replacement would be shipped out in short order. Instead I find an expected ship date of 3-25-16. Almost a whole two months after I shipped my order out, and it will probably be a full two months by the time I actually receive my replacement. This, to me, is completely unacceptable.


Some sort of communication that my RMA might take more time than originally anticipated, that you were low on stock would have been great. Instead I am left without a expensive component of my computer for the next couple of months. So I am left letting my desktop computer sit idle or purchasing a cheap keyboard to tide me over.

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