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creating @ sign has huge delay on k70 nordic edition


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I have Corsair K70 RGB with the nordic layout. To get the @ sign I need to press right Alt + 2. Whenever I do this I get a huge delay. I tested it with switch hitter and there it's pretty visibale:


52:20.0206 RAlt (0x12, BIOS 0xE038) DOWN

52:21.0256 2 (0x32, BIOS 0x03) DOWN

52:21.0375 2 (0x32, BIOS 0x03) UP -> 114ms

52:21.0952 RAlt (0x12, BIOS 0xE038) UP -> 1677ms

52:52.0235 2 (0x32, BIOS 0x03) DOWN

52:52.0339 2 (0x32, BIOS 0x03) UP -> 100ms


I'm using windows 10, MSI X99 SLI Plus mainboard with 5820k cpu.

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Hmm, I think I missunderstood how Switch hitter works since the ms seems to be all about how long I pressed the keys and not how long it actually took to register the sign I wanted. Right after I wrote this message I started fooling around with my asus GPU TweakII program, after closing it the was solved.
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