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Void Not Charging or Turning On.


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I purchased a Corsair Void yesterday and it shut down after a few hours. I plugged the device in for a few hours after that, but I was unable to turn in on. I left it charging over night, for about 12 hours. It does not seeming be charging.


The microphone light shows a blinking amber light when it is plugged into the computer. I believe this means it is suppose to be charging.


When I push the power the headset light flashes for a second then turns off, while the microphone light flashes red, in a quick succession.


I've tried to check what the batter level is but all it shows is a ? under device settings. I have also changed the usb port it is plugged into.


Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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1. Yes, that is correct.

2. If the InfoMic LED is flashing red constantly and does not turn off, it usually indicates a connection to the dongle cannot be established and the headset has not turned off.

3. This is normal when the VOID headset is not connected to the dongle.


It sounds like the headset needs to be re paired to the dongle. You can find the instructions for that here;


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