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Crazy cmz8gx3m2a1600c9


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Good night,

I'm going crazy with damned of DDR3 memories for my motherboard .

I have an Asus P7H55D -M Pro with a I3-560 (Clarkdale) processor.

Says not support 1600Mhz memory , but experience with a corsair from another PC and it worked fine (ver8.16) , so I decided then buy a 2x4GB kit(Ver5.21).

So it turns out with this new kit does not work or for nothing . I tried to change some things in the bios and nothing . The only difference I notice from that used for the new and the version.

Someone can help me? I think even I have to get 1333Mhz.






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Yeah unfortunately versions do matter in some cases. That's why it's always good to buy your memory altogether.


You can probably ask support to see if you can send them in for a swap of older versions, or if your old ones are still under warranty.

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