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No further response to ticket


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Hi. After experiencing problems with my K70 Keyboard I opened a support ticket and swiftly received a response with a suggestion for remedy. After I wrote back saying the problem remained, I have received no further correspondence from Corsair. I live in Australia so in order to avoid an extremely expensive international call, I have joined this forum in the hope of drawing attention back to my issue.


Ticket number is 6737560.

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Ugh 7am - 5pm PT. So 1 am to 11 am local time and no weekend contact. So basically my options are get up at 4am before work and hope I don't wait on hold, or take a day off work.


I had a lot of admiration for corsair products before this.


Still no official response to my ticket or this thread. Poor. Really poor.

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  • Corsair Employees
hey maldotcom2, I just checked your ticket and looks like one of our reps has already responded to you early this morning. Not really sure why it took some time to provide an update, but I'll make sure that we are on top of your case moving forward.
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  • 5 months later...

Having been building systems for the last 15 years I have come to know and love Corsair RAM, and I recommend it to anyone who asks. I have used other brands but whether it be a run of bad luck or not, they have all failed me. However, never has Corsair RAM failed me.


So when Corsair came on to the market with other products I was eager to dive in and see what my favourite brand could produce outside of RAM. Unfortunately I've come out the other side with a worse opinion of Corsair than when I went in.


In the past 12 months:


  • First a K70 keyboard, technical fault, unable to be resolved - refund.
  • Then a power supply, AX760 - Dreadful coil whine - RMA.
  • RMA replacement AX760 - Coil whine again - Refund.
  • Next up a Carbide Air 240. This thing is an embarrassing piece of engineering. Too small by about 5mm in every direction, causing major and unnecessary issues with Rad clearance and GPU/block.
  • Let's not even talk about the fans.


To put this in perspective, in that time I've bought a lot of stuff from other brands and none of their products remind me of the utter crap that I'd expect to receive as a "no frills" product direct from China. I don't even dare risk buying products from Corsair any more because I've yet to have a non-RAM success story. I'll take the bloody brand I've never heard of over Corsair! Corsair's peripherals make Razer look like top shelf stuff, now that's a sad state of affairs isn't it?

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