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Has the RGB lighting been fixed for the K65 yet?


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I purchased a K65 yesterday and noticed the LED lighting transitions were jumpy, so I did some searching and found that it was/is a known issue. But every discussion I found on the topic was back in 2014. My keyboard firmware is up to date (at least thats what CUE states).


Am I missing something or is there still no fix for this?


Thank you in advance for any help

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K65, K70 and K95 RGB still have the same exact hardware since they were released. The issue you're talking about (flicker) can be fixed only by changing to a completely different LED controller, a software fix will never solve it completely.


For example the new Strafe RGB uses an updated LED controller which fixes the flicker experienced on the KXX RGB series. Everyone was expecting Corsair to announce an improved version at CES 2016 but id didn't happen, the next events likely to show something in that direction are PAX or Computex. Still some time away unfortunately :(:

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