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Can I make effect repeat every 1 hour

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I bought K95 and I like it


I use "Type Lighting(Key)" effect


But I want when the clock start new hour other effect start for 10 sec and after that the effect back to "Type Lighting(Key)" effect


I want this to make me know about time


I hope you understand me because my English is not good



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There are two approaches you can take to learn about repeating effects on the timescale of an hour.

  1. An easy way requires you to have a program on your computer that pops up every hour, and you use CUE to program the RGB lighting effects when the program is up, and revert to your usual effects when it is not running.
  2. Another approach is to note that in CUE you can set up lighting effects for up to 9999 seconds; 3600 seconds is one hour. Note that as the keyboard does not know what time it is, you will need to synchronize the start of your cycle with your clock, if want to.

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