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How do I RMA my h100i GTX?


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So about 6 months ago, I bought an h100i GTX from newegg, but within the last month, I was having problems with what I assume is the pump. My PC would shut down, and I noticed one of the tubes for the pump was very warm. I'd also get frequent connect/disconnects from the USB lead popping up on my screen. HWMonitor was showing temps around 55-65 degrees C. So after getting fed up with this, I ordered another h100i GTX from Amazon a couple weeks ago, and thus far, it seems the problems have been resolved. My CPU (FX-8350), now maintains around 23 degrees C. So now I have a spare H100i sitting in it's box, and I'd like to get that exchanged for a new unit. I never used the new mounting brackets, or fans with the new one I purchased, I just swapped out the radiator and pump. So do I RMA through Newegg or Corsair, and how do I go about doing this? I'd prefer to have a spare cooler just in case this one does the same thing later on.
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