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RMA Experience Handling (so bad)


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Hello to all,


I've recently witnessed my brother's AX860i fail, for no apparent reason -- so, as per Corsair's in box instructions I fired up the familiar RMA process. Since I provided beforehand proof of purchase and evidence that the PSU was at fault my RMA was approved swiftly -- the problems started afterwards.


I live in Europe and Corsair doesn't have a local representative in my country as far as I know so they asked me to ship the unit to their headquarters which are located in Netherlands.


The PSU with all cables etc weights around 4.5 kg and it's quite bulky so when I went to the post office to ask for a shipping quote they told me it would be around 55(!!?!?!) euros (bear in mind that I bought the unit for 190 euros). That's absurd! I could even get a new PSU for that price (CX500 retails around that price after rebate). I send back a reply to the representative and asked him politely that it's not my fault that you don't have a local representative and it's really unreasonable to pay that much to send it back (the shipping quote mentioned is the cheapest tracked service available here, for example UPS would be in the range of 80 euros). Don't get me wrong if it was 5-10 euros to send it back I would have absolutely no problem -- but paying more than 25 % of the original value in shipping is really outrageous.


The response from the representative said basically that it didn't give a .... and I should suck it up (albeit more politely). This is really bad customer service and when something goes bad the company should be reasonable about their requests from the already dissatisfied customer (because their product failed). The situation would be even worse if I had to ship a lower value PSU (which would have similar volume/weight), or a Computer case.... as the ratios (price paid/price for shipping) would be horrid.


I would post our talk but I don't want to really do that... just I want Corsair to rethink its stance on these matters as they really make me angry and I am sure as hell that I am not the only one thinking like that.

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Well to be fair, that process is pretty standard within the industry. That warranty policy is no different from other known companies, so it's not unheard. This is far from being a bad customer service scenario, I am pretty sure that the support rep is just doing his/her job, nothing more.


Tell you what, send me your ticket # and I'll see what I can do from my end.

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