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Greetings friends!


I had a few questions on the K95 I could use answered, lets get to it!


1) Is there anyway to change or disable the default keyboard lighting when Windows boots or shuts down? If anyone has a maschine mikro, you may understand what I am going for here. Basically I want a quick run of lights across the keyboard AFTER Windows is already on the desktop. That would mean the keyboard works when I hit the power button so if I needed to get into the BIOS or something. The lighting is simply disabled and does not come on until AFTER Windows starts.


2) Is it possible to do a run of lights, and then have the modes automatically switch as described above? For example; after Windows has been on the desktop for 5 seconds, the lights run across the keyboard, fade out, then my solid mode would fade in and stay on until I shut the PC off again. Then, 5 seconds after shutdown is clicked, the lights simply fade out.


3) How, if possible, do I do the above? A certain program, maybe visual studio or eclipse? Can anyone point me in the direction of some tutorials?


Thanks and I appreciate the help!

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1. Yes. Create your own lighting profile/effect and save it to the device memory. It will save a static version of it for times where CUE is not running.


To 'disable' it, just delete the lighting profiles from the keys and save it to the device memory.


For the off to on when windows starts, do ^ step, then set a profile with lighting effects as the default profile.


This should have the keyboard "off" during boot/bios/any other time when CUE is not running then "on" when CUE starts running.

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