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K70 RGB Manual firmware upgrade without CUE


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My K70 is currently running 1.09 (I think). I've tried 6 different versions of CUE software and none of them recognize my keyboard so i'm unable to upgrade the firmware on my keyboard.


How do i manually upgrade the firmware on this keyboard. I have 1.33 bin file, i just don't know what to do with it. Can someone please help?


The end goal is to get my keyboard recognized by CUE so I can use some of the macro features.

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Indeed, I was right. The one you have is the normal K70 non-RGB with Cherry MX brown switches: http://www.corsair.com/en-us/vengeance-k70-fully-mechanical-gaming-keyboard-anodized-black-cherry-mx-brown


This keyboard does not have any software, macro or effects support. You can also skip the FW update available on the site in the downloads area, that firmware is 2+ years old and all new keyboards being produced have been shipping with it for quite a while.



If you wanted to get the RGB model (and need/want macro support and lighting effects) you have to return this one and get the correct RGB model instead.

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