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Fun Corsair Mouse Ideas


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YES, this is brilliant. I feel like Corsair is so close to making the perfect gaming mouse. I personally would prefer a physical layout more like that of the M65, but to each their own.


My personal wishlist for a Corsair mouse:


  1. A Pixart 3310 (edit: meant the 3360, but my point remains) optical sensor (the best mouse sensor currently available), like in the Finalmouse.
  2. Take the M65 layout, and give the right side of the mouse a tiny bit of flaring on the bottom, so that your pinky has something to sit on other than the mousepad. Not too big, mind, just something kind of like what's on the left side for your thumb.
  3. A single additional button, maybe placed to the left of the left mouse button (I believe something like that already exists on the Sabre), making it a 9-button mouse.
  4. While we're at it, making the body maybe half a centimeter longer (or even less) would be something I personally would like, though I could see that being a problem for some



Anyone else want to add their own thoughts?

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