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AX1200i Fan Noise


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i built a new pc recently, with the goal of it being dead silent.

That goal was achieved, with the fans basically turned off on everything, including the video card and cpu, until the system is loaded up; even then it isnt bad.


I even went with an oversized psu so the fan wouldnt even start to run until the system is fully loaded.


the problem i am having is coming back from sleep mode. for some reason the AX1200i feels the need to run the fan for a few seconds EVERY TIME it comes out of sleep mode. Of course it runs it on max speed, so its very noisy.


any way to stop this? or just a poor design/programming choice by Corsair?

Any other psu that doesnt do this?


i only need about 800 or so watts, but it has to be quiet.



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