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Firstly, I have tried to find an answer to this so if it exists I apologize for my poor search techniques :)


I have a scimitar mouse I just recently purchases. It is awesome. Love it.


Ok. So I want to use the scimitar with a macbook pro that I have. I downloaded the CKB driver and everything works fine EXCEPT the scroll wheel. It has worked a couple of times randomly. I can't figure it out. I'm running OSX 10.11.2


I know the mouse isn't officially supported on a mac. I really want this to work. Anyone have any ideas.


Also, random thing, but when I start the computer with the mouse connected it doesn't recognize my external displays. I can live with unplugging the mouse at startup. Just thought I would mention it.

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Without the driver I wasn't able to use any of buttons on the side of the mouse. Remember that I'm on a mac. I thought I had to have the ckb driver to program those buttons.


I just realized that if I keep spinning the wheel after about 4 spins it does move the page. So it's as if the sensitivity of the scroll wheel needs to be turned way up because it's not moving far enough each rotation.


Is there a driver I can use besides the CKB one on mac?


Any and all help really appreciated.

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