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Aftermarket fans for H100i GTX and fan controller specifications


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Hey guys


I am thinking of replacing my H100i GTX's stock fans with aftermarket LED fans.


I know what there have been reports that the earlier H00i (non-GTX) would fail if for an example Cooler Master LED PWM Jetflo's were connected to the fan controller integrated into the pump.


Do any of you know if this has at all changed with the GTX? Furthermore, does anyone know what the official max load support is for the pump's fan controller? I have read that the non-GTX supports 2 amps per fan header (4 amps in total). Has this at all changed with the GTX, especially since it only supports 2 fans max (no Y-splitter and all)? I also know the OEM for the GTX has changed so there is the possibility that LED Jetflo's may actually work without frying the unit.


I know a lot of people will advise to use run fans directly of motherboard headers, dedicated fan controllers or directly from the PSU but this is not what I am asking so please try and stick to the questions I posed

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The H100i GTX is still a 1.0A max on the fan controller, but it appears to be substantially more durable than its predecessor. I haven't seen any reports of blown controllers on the new models. The older H80i/100i units were more vulnerable and likely in combination with an under-reported amp rating on the Jet-Flo, people experienced problems. I blew a H80i controller with different fans, also rated at 0.80A total.


The Jet-Flo are still rated at .40A per fan. Even if they check in at a real .45A per fan, that does leave you a little room, but I would never pass .90A combined. The amperage ratings just aren't that perfect. Your motherboard headers are also likely 1.0A, but I would rather take my chances on the GTX than the risk a board header. If you want to be extra cautious, you can use the 1600 rpm limiter that comes with the Jet Flo. That will take the current draw down considerably.

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Hello! Just adding to the thread. I've read on a separate post that my H100i V2 has same 1.0A fan controller as the H100i GTX and the recommended fan(s) to plug should be up to 0.80A.


I've attached 4 of these thermaltake fans which are rated 0.21A and I run them on Low Noise Mode. On paper, the fans should have a total 0.84A. I'm risking it and going for it.....so far for 2 weeks, everything's fine.


My motherboard's CPU_Fan header is rated at 2.0A max.



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