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AX 1200i buzzing noise

Shadow Tail

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I have an issue with my AX 1200i. I just received this new PSU from Corsair RMA service. On the desktop everything is fine but when I start playing a game after a while this weird buzzing sound be coming from it. I tilted the computer on its side and looked to see if the fan is spinning and to my surprise it isn't spinning. The buzzing seems to be coming louder from the back when I put my ear it. The temperature of the PSU is 40c to 45.5c while gaming.


I put recently put the profile to silent instead of balanced to see if it would make a difference, nothing. I also opened the case and did a self test on the PSU with fan facing me and to the floor - no buzzing.


The fan is working as I put the fan to 60%. I can hear the fan and feel cool air on my hand from back.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Can you describe the sound or the volume or post a video of the buzz? Does it happen when the computer is off too? Do you have it connected to a UPS? Have you tried other sockets in the house? Also are you sure it's the PSU and not the GPU? Does vsync change the sound or eliminate it completely? PSU reading look normal as in the rails?


I'm not sure about the AX series but the HX850i I have the fan doesn't run until a certain temp I believe. I'm also experiencing a buzz with my unit. Possibly a different buzz but could be the same. I've had it on the past two RMAs but I'm thinking mine is line noise. Could be wrong though. Go through these questions and post back the answers and maybe we can figure something out. Also what was the reason you RMAd your first unit?

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It sounds like this [ame]



It doesn't happen when the computer is off, No, i don't have it connected to a UPS or nor have I tried another socket as of yet.

Yeah its the PSU you can hear it at the back a lot more and with Vsync on or off it still happens.


12V: 12.06 5V: 5.00 3.3V 3.31


I RMA my last PSU as it was intermittently restarting my computer with the motherboard message saying "anti-surge protect engaged because of faulty PSU". I've had it for four years.

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My RMA number is #6732218.


I forgot to put in the last message this isn't my video but the issue is the exact same, just in-case it causes any problems but yes, mine sounds just like this. It's a little worrying because it's not the fan making that noise.


This didn't happen with my other PSU, only thing wrong with the other one was the fan was a little noisy.


Also could anyone tell me what the PSU profiles do. I set it to Performance and Quiet and didn't notice anything. Also my PSU is reading that my CPU is hitting 40 - 55c idle but the motherboard BIOS says 30 - 35c? Every other reading seems fine.

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