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HX650W - Leds are burning out


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So im putting this question here.

I have problem with leds burning out on my PC.

I have tested both better brand ledstrips as cheaper ones. They die and it looks like they overheat and loose their light strenght and is annoying as ****.


Even Led fans both cheap and big brands even a few burn out on. Best one so far that havent burned out is Cooler Master Jet Flo cause the light more the higher the speed u use.


So I was thinking it might be the powersupply that is causing this.

Both fans and ledstrips I've been using are 12V. So I measured the Voltage both 12V and 5V and have 0.2V over on both 12 & 5volts.


Is that why my leds are burning up?


Any tip of LED brands that work with that or that you can change ur power to them?

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