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PSU RM1000i creates noice, LED is flashing


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since a few day's I'm using a new PC with the PSU RM1000i.


There is a LED on the back side of the PSU.

It changes from green to orange and creates every time a little noise, which I don't like.


In the user manual is no description about the LED and it's functionality.


My target is a low noice PC, but with a PSU, which creates noice, it is difficult.


Who has an idea, what the problem can be and something about the function of the LED?


Greetings from Dueseldorf, Germany

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Pretty sure the flashing LED just means it's working. As in communicating with the corsair link. My hx850i does the same. As for your noise issue I'm not really sure. You probably will have to describe the noise more for someone to help you and the volume of it.
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Hey timeline,

Like what Nick said about the blinking LED, that's perfectly normal when you have the RM1000i hooked up to Corsair link. It's in constant communication with the Software.


As for the noise, I'd suggest that you provide more info about it, perhaps a more detailed description of the noise. The more info we have, the better we can troubleshoot the problem. Thanks

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