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Corsair Void Hiss/Buzz.


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Basically as a post further below.


Whenever sound is played the Headset hisses/buzzes, its a very light Hsssss sound playing along.


Its easy to replicate by starting a song, muting the program in W10 and just hear it, muting the headset stops it.


1)I have already checked the microphone, its not that.


2)Checked every USB port 3/2 frontal back, still happens.


3)I have uninstalled the CUE and it still happens and now i am about to update every Intel/USB driver.


Is it a faulty headset or ? Anyone has a clue?




Updated USB Drivers/Uninstalled Realtek drivers.


After more testing..


It doesnt seem to happen on another PC with Windows 7, without CUE or if its happening it happens all the time but much quieter -->starting to think its the headset


Update: After installing CUE the sound is there, its just much lower in W7 for some reason, about 50% compared to W10 thats why i thought it didnt exist without CUE.


It seems to have a reduced effect on W10 without CUE installed, it seems to be there when sound is played but at least it doesnt happen with the testing method above.


W10 without Realtek drivers warned me to "Disable Enhancements" when there was no CUE installed when i opened Playback Devices.


Older CUE versions didnt change anything.



I am just gonna take this crap for replacement and if the second one does it i guess time for g633 >_>

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