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Help with RM1000x

Mr. Jyrki

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Lately I got Corsair RM1000x Powersupply. It going take Corsair 650's place. I am going install it to my 900D case. So I am been wondering one thing when I do install new PSU. As 900D owners knows it comes with one harddrive cage with pre-installed SATA hot swap. So I ordered two more these Hot Swap cables those I install to remaining hard drive cages.


So I really been wondering. Can I use single SATA cable from PSU connect it to all three Power SATA cables one per Hot Swap cage?

I have totally 7 SATA ports reserved for hard drives in these Hard Drive cages ( Harddrive cage #1: 1xSSD & 1xHDD, Hard drive cage #2: 2xHDD, Hard drive cage #3: 3xHDD). So does these hard drives get enough power from this single SATA power cable, what comes from RM100x?




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