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So i did something no one should do today. I went out and got something without looking up some reviews... i know, i know i deserve what i get.



But!! Seeming i didn't have much cash, i was out in town and still grumpy about my terrible laptop mouse i was using i thought "what the hell!!" and spent some money on a beginners gaming mouse to tie me over for a few months. When i got home and looking at some reviews a lot of people and i mean A LOT of people have had the same problem with the scroller. Obviously this made me a little disappointed as i really thought i could trust Corsair.


45 minutes in to using my mouse. no problems and I'm pretty happy with it. I feel a little sad staring at it thinking ".... your going to die soon and i will be back to my terrible laptop mouse" and that isn't really what i had in mind bringing this home.


Any way the point is with this story is that i accept i cant trust this moment and waiting for its imminent doom. But like a sick puppy i want to prolong its life as long as possible and give it a happy one.


SO! Corsair?:


How can i keep my M30 alive as long as possible before i need to put it down?

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The scroll wheel is not working properly? As in you scroll up, the page will go go down then up again?


I think he is concerned that the scroll wheel sill give our first, according to the reviews he read and is wondering if there is anything he can do to prolong it.


Well, the M30 is indeed an entry level gaming mouse but not all M30 will have a faulty scroll wheel. Plus you are covered under a 2 year manufactures warranty, so I would worry too much if i were you. Just enjoy it!

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