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VOID wireless microphone sensitivity issue


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So I bought the corsair VOID wireless extra yellow edition and it's all good. Got it set up quickly and painlessly, charged fast, nice sound quality once I messed with the eq a little, comfy, etc.

However: The mic does not pick up sound more or less at all. The mic is bent to forward so it is only a couple cm from my mouth when I'm speaking, so that's not the issue. (though it did come pre-bent out of the box, saw someone say that could mean hardware damage?). Microphone volume is maxed in windows, in CUE and in VOIP software like skype. Still almost no sound at all is picked up. It picks up SOME however, and if I literally put the mic inside of my mouth it works about as you'd expect from a mic that's outside of your mouth. I have tried using the headset on a different computer which had both a different OS (win 7) and was a desktop (my own computer is a laptop), and got the same results.

I have seen other people complaining about the mic not picking up enough sound and lamenting the lack of a boost option. Something I have noticed though that I haven't seen anyone else mention, is that I can hear myself clearly if I turn up the volume on the "sidetone" setting in CUE, however I can only barely capture sound using the windows listen feature, windows record voice, skype call test, etc...


I have also already tried uninstalling the sound drivers that came with the pc because that apparently helped for some people with realtek drivers. I have conexant though and it didn't do anything.


Thanks in advance for help regarding this issue. If I can't get it to work I'm returning it come monday.

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