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Some switches makes a weird dinggg sound when releasesing


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Currently my "A" key and my "right CTRL Key" are making some sort of "ding" sound when releasing. Perhaps it's the spring causing to make this sound when releasing? (The A key sounds like a "ding" and the "right CTRL" key is more like a "dung" the other keys do not make this sound.


I don't really care about the right CTRL key but the A key does annoy me since i can hear it clearly everytime when i press it.


I've looked on the internet if i could replace these 2 switches but it seems that the switches on the K95 are stuck on the keyboard. Is there anyway to replace the insides of a switch with another switch to fix this problem?


I've seen the following video but i am not quite sure that will work for me, i don't want to destroy my whole keyboard.



Any advice?


Thank you for your time and efford!





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