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CL 4? No Thanks


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Where is technobeard now?
Still here, surfing the interwebs.


No, I don't recall ever saying anything about CL 4 being a solution to this or that. I'm just the guy who posts the new CL threads. Dustin was the link expert on the forum, not I. I don't recall him saying anything about a magic band aid, but I haven't read every thread either.

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The case fans are shown in the "home" but not in the "configure" screen. This is normal? Another problem: Even if I widen the window and give more 'great when you restart the always find the right and most' small ... can you help me please?


These are all issues others including myself have mentioned.


Corsair, you need to create a closed sticky thread this itemises all the known issues. This information should then be used for the release notes when there is a new CL release to state which have been fixed and which are still outstanding.


I suspect there should be a section for fixes that are expected to be fixed in the next release and another one for fixes that will take longer.


I have seen the same issue reported multiple times. This is a waste of every ones time which is why the sticky thread is needed.

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Good luck with that!


We've been asking Corsair to post a list of known and agreed to issues for over 2 years. They don't want that, as it shows in one nice easy place, that there are a multitude of issues with CL.


We were even promised release notes for the various versions... which they have complied with. The release notes typically say, New Version... fixes some stuff. We're not going to tell you what it doesn't fix, until you write a post complaining, at which point they respond indignantly that it doesn't fix that yet, but maybe the next version.


Corsair Link is the "Free Steak Tomorrow" of software!

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Do you have an internal sw development staff or is it outsourced?

Do you create detail design documents, test use cases and test plans?

Would you be interested in partnering with a sw development company to help save what little hope you have of keeping the hundreds of current and potential customers from buying their products from your competition?

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