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Getting past the 3.2 barrier with Value Select DDR400?


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What is the best ram/processor - timings/voltage for getting past the 3.2 barier. I can't seem to keep the system stable although I can get to 3.325. Using the MSI CORECENTER seems to be the most effective way to OC, as BIOS OC'ing limits the top clock. Any other tricks? The board is rated to 3.4 and I'd like to be running at 3.4 at least! Temps are still low at 3.25.


MSI PT880 - P4 3.0 Prescott - 2 gigs 2x512 VS ddr400.


I have SATA turned off.

I have REALTEK turned off.

I have 1:1 on ddr400

I have 2.5 3-3-8 Dual Channel

I have AGP Apature at 256

I have Primary Graphics AGP

Voltage is by default


I can push it to 222 or approx 3.325, increasing the voltage slightly makes the OC more stable but I can't load Fry Cry or COMBUSTION.


THANKS IN ADVANCE..... :confused:

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at 220 with the 2.75v 3-3-3-8 alls running good just finished a long Far Cry session. 3.3mhz Put one of my fans blowing just above\directly onto the 4x512's.


However prior the 2.5 4-4-4-8 necesitated several CMOS jumps.


Also the 5:6 ratio pushed me up over 3.4 but wasn't stable. Think maybe I need more juice. Perhaps a bigger PS 500W+ or faster Ram :laughing:

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Remember your CPU limits might also hold you back, theres no gurantee your cpu will overclock well. I've had cpus of reportedly extremely good steppings that failed to oc worth anything, and some from not so good steppings truly impress me by overclocking to the moon, its all up to luck.
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